CEPA EXPO 2014: Business Growth Through Aviation

The 5th Annual CEPA EXPO 2014 will be held at Prague Castle on November 19th and 20th. This new venue will provide an impressive backdrop for two days of panel discussions, networking and first class social events.

The objective of the 2014 convention is to concentrate on promoting the safe and economic growth of aviation in the CEPA region, for business aviation operators, scheduled carriers, suppliers and service providers. Industry leading experts will discuss the latest market activity and share their knowledge and experience during a highly focused programme.

Dagmar Grossmann

"CEPA EXPO is a bridge for aviation which connects East and West."

Dagmar Grossmann
Founder of CEPA EXPO

Roger Whyte

"CEPA Expo is well known for its excellent networking environment, dynamic use of technology and for holding entertaining social events."

Roger Whyte
Chairman of CEPA EXPO 2014

Program Highlights

  • Future compliance requirements for aircraft & operations
  • Current issues in CRM & latest safety solutions
  • Regulatory and legal developments
  • Operating cost control, fleet upgrading & charters
  • Advancements in electronic cockpit devices
  • Maintenance planning for aging aircraft
  • Insurance: East – West, differences and challenges

... and more


Prague Castle

CEPA EXPO 2014 will be held for the first time at the prestigious and dramatic Prague Castle.

The convention has been growing in popularity since its inception in 2009 and the new location has been chosen to build on the success of the previous four conventions.

CEPA EXPO 2014 Daily News

Quotes of the day

Roger Whyte

"Our reason for being here is to shape future history of business aviation in the CEE."

"Business Aviation’s humanitarian role is an important element of a well functioning society."

Roger Whyte
Chairman of CEPA EXPO 2014

Kamil Rudolecký

"I believe CEPA EXPO is one of good examples how mutual cooperation can move your business forward."

Kamil Rudolecký
Deputy Minister of Transportation, Czech Republic

Philippe Renz

"The new Part-NCC regulation is a revolution for non-commercial operators and offers business opportunities for AOC holders."

Philippe Renz
Meyer Avocats, Associate, Attorney-at-law

Vladimir Petak

"It is gratifying to see so many friends and business colleagues here at CEPA Expo. I am thrilled that you have come to Prague for this truly unique event here in the heart of Europe. I wish you a very successful CEPA Expo 2014."

Vladimir Petak
ABS Jets, Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Board of Directors

James Hardie

"CEPA is a great opportunity to meet with ambitious and progressive operators who are seeking to meet an important need through the capabilities that only business aviation can provide. Now as part of Rockwell Collins we are working hard as a company to enable technology advances that can enhance the flying experience with new hardware solutions, better information management and service delivery capabilities.

Thanks for the opportunity to meet again at CEPA EXPO."

James Hardie
Director for Business Aviation services of ARINC Direct


5th CEPA EXPO Report

Dear CEPA EXPO attendees,

2014 saw the fifth CEPA EXPO where we focused on the effects of the unrest in Eastern Ukraine, answering as many questions as we could on this prominent issue. It is important that we use the expertise around us to help delegates though this difficult time. We had some of the biggest names in the industry, representing the main aviation organisations, providing keynote speeches which was very exciting. The evening entertainment at CEPA  EXPO has become well known for being some of the best and we always try and offer something special. I think we did it again this year and I look forward to what the team will come up with for next year.

 CEPA EXPO 2014 Report Download (pdf, 1 MB)


CEPA EXPO REPORT coming soon

Are you interested  in the main facts from the 5th annual CEPA EXPO? Who was attending the convention, which main issues were discussed, feedbacks from the attendees, etc. We are just preparing for you more details and statistics from this fabulous event.


Successful second day over

The opening of second day started by Mr. Petr Vavra from Ministry of Foreign affairs. During the morning we could hear panel discussion about advancements in avionics from the main suppliers, electronic data insecurity presented by Dr. Galli, helicopters in CEE presented by Bell Helicopter and planning for major inspection by Duncan Aviation. After the lunch the audience had the opportunity to discuss the most common question - how to manage and reduce the operating costs? This panel discussion was followed by the financing, leasing and taxation part. The last sessions were dedicated to insurance influenced by Ukraine unrest and migration of aircraft registrations to safe havens. 
We are very pleased by the record breaking attendance and looking forward to see you all next year again. 

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5th Cepa Expo has been launched

The morning has gone very well so far, Deputy minister of Transport, Mr. Kamil Rudolecky, opened the expo. In his speech he touched the Ukraine crisis topic and emphasized that the situation could be overcome by dialogue. The participants appreciated also the insight view of Mr. Pete Bunce from GAMA, Mr. Jiri Pos from Czech Aeroholding or Mr. Fabio Gamba from EBAA. We heard also very interesting panel discussion focused on Ukraine unrest and market situation in CEE region. After the changing of the guards ceremony we had an opportunity to go through the current trends in business aviation safety. The late afternoon was dedicated to regulations and compliance, where we heard for example about ICAO working on global MBM. The last but not least was the panel joined by IBAC, EBAA, GAMA and Meyer Avocates. We are looking forward to the busy agenda of the next day.

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