Richard Coe

Work: Forecasts

Richard Koe is joint Managing Director of WINGX, a provider of business aviation data, tools and technology. Together with partner, Christoph Kohler, Richard has developed WINGX into one of the industry’s foremost suppliers of business intelligence. Our aim is to equip anyone with a vested interest in the industry with immediately accessible, transparent and actionable insights into all aspects of the business aviation market globally.
Before WINGX, Richard spent a decade in the business aviation sector, initially as a board member of the private airline group, PrivatAir, subsequently managing the group´s private jet charter and management division. Richard has also invested in and advised several airline and business aviation ventures prior to starting WINGX.
In his career Richard has also worked in the Telecom, Technology and Manufacturing sectors, holding senior business strategy and sales positions with a range of blue-chip multinational, start-up and management consulting companies, living and working in the UK, Spain, France, United States and Africa. Richard has undergraduate and masters’ degrees in History, Politics and Economics from Oxford University and Johns Hopkins University.
As well as managing WINGX, Richard is a regular speaker, panelist and moderator at industry conferences worldwide, writes on a wide range of business aviation issues, and works closely with regional regulators and industry associations.